Face Purification

Is your skin sensitive and/or prone to acne? Do you have skin breakouts on your face or struggle with certain types of irritation? Well, we bring you good news with our Face Purification treatment. Face purification is a face treatment service we offer at OxyBeauty and this is all encompassing if you desire a baby face, the kind of face that is so pure and fresh. Our set of procedures focus on skin rejuvenation for a calm and young face. The Purifying Control Treatment takes care of every sensitive problematic skin that is yet prone to acne. Simply, the pores are cleared up and every existing acne on your face as well as other forms of breakouts are healed. In addition, the treatment reduces skin irritation of all sorts and prevents new ones from surfacing. A very effective treatment for pain and discolouration that accompany breakouts, the treatment minimizes skin redness and in turn, purifies the skin. The treatment is just the right fit for you if you suffer severe acne or small skin breakouts.


Face Purification, achievable with the Purifying Control Treatment begins with the Oxyjet treatment by prepping the skin and exfoliating the top layer to open up the skin pores for maximum absorption of the active needed ingredients deep into the skin. In this process, under appropriate temperatures, skin exfoliation occurs and the best results are obtained at the end. Also, this is accomplished by rubbing the OxyClear lotion on the skin (in this case, the face) combined with the Blue biolight to soothe and calm the affected part of the face.

After that, like with the acne treatment; OxyDiamond microdermabrasion is introduced to peel off every extra skin with the purifying control serum. The serum also doubles with the prevention of further skin breakout or irritation to give clear pores and extra dry skin. With this, you achieve a fresh look and get rid of all form of acne. Finally, the Blue Biolight is applied again to calm the skin down and make the face soft and smooth. This step cannot be skipped because it caters to every redness left after microdermabrasion. In this process, the skin is brought back to its normal glow and healthy condition after peeling and exfoliation. Moreover, Orange Biolight is used to detoxify the skin for a purer and clearer skin. At the Yorkville Skin Care Clinic, the Purifying Control serum contains every necessary active ingredient that go deep down into the skin layers for absolute purification.


  • Skin pores are opened up to absorb the necessary ingredients.
  • The mixture of OxyClear lotion and Blu Biolight calms and soothes the affected area for further actions
  • Purifying control serum as applied during the OxyDiamond microdermabrasion stage peels off extra skin on the face and prevents further irritation.
  • Application of the Blue Biolight and Orange Biolight leaves the skin clearer and purer via detoxification.
  • Acne is removed from the inside, thanks to the active ingredients contained in the treatment.