Brightening Corrector Treatment

Brightening Corrector Treatment is made for sensitive skin with any kind of pigmentation, uneven skin tone or irritation. It drastically reduces the pigmentation, calms down the skin, makes it look young and fresh as well as gets rid of any kind of problems like irritation, redness, etc. It is specifically made for the skin with discolouration. If you have had the pigments for your whole life but have been scared to use the needle in getting rid of them – OxyJet is the perfect treatment for you! It is absolutely safe and does not include the use of needles. You get better results but don’t suffer from any side effects or swollenness after the treatment is done. The pigmentation reduction/removal is visible right away, you’ll be amazed with how fast it works!


The treatment is started off by prepping the skin and exfoliating – just like any other treatment This step is extremely important in the whole procedure as it opens up the pores and prepares the skin for oxygen and all the active ingredients. Only with your skin being exfoliated and prepared, all the nutrients will get the right effect and the pigment will be reduced or removed completely. It is performed by applying the OxyClear lotion onto the skin and exposing the skin to the appropriate temperatures.

The next step in the pigment reduction process is the Blue Biolight combined with the OxyDiamond microdermabrasion. The blue light calms and soothes the skin whereas OxyDiamond peels off all the dead layers off the skin and destroys them, removing any extra pigmentation along the way.

The following step is the regular OxyJet part of any treatment, performed by lightly pressing oxygen into the skin along with the active ingredients. The active ingredients reduce pigment formation and destroy the existing pigment. They stimulate collagen production, which also renews the skin layer and makes it look fresh and hydrated from within.

To finish off the treatment, we use Green Biolight is applied which is the main part and has the main effect on the skin in terms of pigment reduction. The Green Light is made specifically for the issue of pigmentation, and with the help of oxygen and nutrients it adds the most value to the procedure.

Brightening Corrector Treatment is an amazing way to heal your skin, to make it look even and . You will be surprised with how fast it works and how long you have the results for! Collagen production is an important part of the procedure. It adds to your skin’s health from within and stimulates the growth of the new, fresh skin cells that are the future of looking healthy as well as feeling healthy!