Volume Booster Skin Treatment

Volume Booster is a perfect way to make your skin look younger and smoother just after the first time! The main purpose of the treatment is collagen production stimulation, renewing the skin layer and improving the overall look of the skin. The treatment is performed by injecting oxygen, which is a standard procedure for any OxyJet treatment. It contains active ingredients which also help the skin look very fresh and glow from within!


The treatment is started off by putting the OxyClear lotion on and exfoliating the skin, making it prepared for OxyJet. It opens up the pores and makes sure all the active ingredients from the actual treatment get into the deepest layers of your membrane and have the right, volume boosting effect.

The OxyTone used right after OxyClear is a polyrotation massage in a form of lymphodrinage. It works amazing combined with the red biolight, which directly stimulates collagen production, softens and soothes the skin and takes the dead collagen cells off.

Right after the preparations and exfoliation, we get to the Volume Booster OxyJet treatment, which is performed by lightly injecting oxygen into the skin. This part of the treatment contains active ingredients designed specifically for the right effect and this kind of procedure. They recover the adipose tissue of the skin, making it refreshed, hydrated, moisturized and prepared for the cold winter temperatures.

After the OxyJet part is finished and the skin id filled with oxygen and all the necessary nutrients, the results are fixed into the skin by adding red biolight once again, which is a great way to let all the ingredients soak in, get absorbed by the membrane and come into effect, making you look like you did 20 years ago!

Altogether, the treatment works wonders for any skin type or age, it stimulates collagen production which is extremely important in keeping your skin healthy and hydrated. It peels off all the dead and dry collagen cells that can only do harm to you skin, and replaces them with the new-born cells.

The main goal of the Volume Booster is to make the skin work from the inside out, meaning that with the help of the oxygen, nutrients and red biolight, the skin becomes healthy not only on the outside, but, more importantly, on the inside. If the skin is healthy on the inside, there will be no doubt it will look even and smooth on the outside. Volume Booster helps the skin breathe, it clears the pores and makes you look absolutely gorgeous without any makeup!