IRREGULAR PIGMENTATION OF THE SKIN AND AGE SPOTS disturb the impression of a balanced complexion making us look older than we really are. The brightening corrector lightens dark skin spots and regulates the skin appearance. At the same time the pores are refined, the skin is intensively moisturized, its elasticity improved and fine lines are smoothed out. Free from fragrance, parabens, PEGs and mineral oils.

Size: 15ml

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  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B3
  • Phragmites Kharka Extract
  • Poria Cocos Extract


Mornings and evenings apply a peasized amount of the serum with wet fingers to face, neck and decollete, then follow up with your usual care product. Apply several times a day to the hyperpigmented areas. In the professional beauty practice for the application with the pulsed oxygen pressure injection or as a pigment regulating, smoothing mask.


Vitamin C:
Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate is a radical catcher and skin lightener at the same time. The brown skin pigment Melanin is discoloured, so that the skin appearance becomes more regular after some time.

Vitamin B3:
Niacin amide refines the pores and also lightens dark coloration of the skin with an excellent skin compatibility. Additionally Vitamin B3 strengthens the skin barrier, improves the elasticity and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Phragmites Kharka Extract:
Won from tropical reed the extract calms the skin, acts against inflammations and protects against environmental stress factors. The skin gets an even appearance, an optimal supplement to the pigment regulating effect of the „brightening corrector“.

Poria Cocos Extract:
The extract of cocos mushrooms improves the metabolic performance of the skin and increases its nutrient supply. The fibroblasts are stimulated to produce more collagen.