Acne Treatments

You have the right to an acne-free skin, and of course, it is possible

Have you tried several means of getting rid of the skin condition that causes eruptions on parts of your body? Are you almost giving up and resorting to fate? You have the right to an acne-free skin, and of course, it is possible. We hereby provide you a treatment that caters to all existing spots on your body through acne treatments, another essential service we offer. The treatment is so effective that the results thereafter are maintained. Purifying Control Treatment is a treatment plan designed for problematic skins and the ones that are prone to acne. The treatment begins with the clearing up of the pores and healing of the existing acne or some other skin breakouts. It is as well effective for reduction of skin irritation while the new ones are prevented from surfacing. The Purifying Control Treatment is also proven to be useful for pains and discolouration which accompany breakouts by reducing the redness and purifying the skin. It is a perfect treatment for severe acne or other small forms of skin breakouts.


The same way anti-aging treatments work with Oxyjet, acne treatments begin by prepping the skin and removing the surface layers to expose the pores and in turn, absorb the necessary ingredients deep into the skin. Exfoliation of the skin happens at the right temperatures for best user result. Followed closely is the application of the OxyClear lotion to the skin combined with the Blue Biolight to soothe and calm the skin. After that, the OxyDiamond microdermabrasion takes place which peels off the extra skin and is used with the purifying control serum. The serum prevents future skin breakouts or possible irritation, resulting in clear pores and peeling off of extra dry skin for a fresher look. Finally, applying the biolight again calms the skin down to achieve a smoother and softer skin. The importance of this step cannot be overemphasized since the microdermabrasion process leaves some redness on the skin. Hence, it becomes important to restore the skin to its normal condition and maintain its glowing and healthiness. Orange biolight is used in this step to detoxify for a clearer and purer skin.


  • Oxyjet treatment that does skin prepping and exfoliation
  • A calmed skin as a result of Oxyclear lotion combined with biolight.
  • All forms of extra skin are peeled off in the OxyDiamond microdermabrasion step bringing about clear pores and zero acne on the skin.
  • The extra biolight added after microdermabrasion ensures a glowing and healthy skin and eventual detoxification
  • Overall, acne is healed from the inside thanks to the active ingredients and acids contained in the Purifying Control serum.

So, struggle no more with acne or don’t resolve to fate when you are just minutes away from being totally free from the problems of acne. Our Purifying Control treatment is the right fit for reduction of acne and this is done in a gentle manner with a guarantee of long-term results. It is effective for all skin types and for whatever skin conditions. Book an appointment with our specialists to get the exact kind of treatment that deals with your problematic skin.