Yorkville Cosmetic Clinic


As a top-notch Yorkville Cosmetic Clinic, we at OxyBeauty are poised with a mission and driven by a vision that suits your skin and body needs. We believe that you can maintain healthy skin in style. We provide tailored skin treatments towards specific skin problems and leave you with a balanced and hydrated skin. Overall, we are confident of achieving a combination of the best and fastest results with the comfortable and modern approach of our skin treatment solutions.

Anti-Aging Solutions

Complex of treatments designed for women from 30-55

Wrinkles Reduction

Procedures focusing on specific areas to reduce wrinkles

Acne Treatments

Acne treatment was design to remove existing spots and maintain the result

Skin Sensitivity Balance

Balancing skin sensitivity in order to remove redness and irritation


We offer skin care and treatment designed primarily for women within the age range of 30-55. Do you want to look younger and keep your skin smoother? Try these anti-aging solutions we offer and just after the first time of application, your dream comes true. There is a renewal of your skin layer and an improved look of the skin at large.


In this section, our clinic highlights specific procedures that concern and concentrate on the significant ways of minimizing skin wrinkles. The Energy Reload Skin Treatment is applied here, and it is specially designed to freshen and energize the skin. In other words, the treatment refills the body with balance and makes provision for keeping the skin moisturized.


The acne treatments cater to every existing spot on your body and answer every related question. Also, it helps in maintaining the result afterwards. With the purifying control treatment, you are guaranteed a prompt attention to a problematic skin especially the ones that are sensitive and are prone to acne.


The sensitive skin treatment can be identified and confirmed as a fantastic way to restore your skin’s sensitive balance. Your skin even gets better with tolerating other external factors that may cause irritation, redness or rashes in all parts of your body- especially on your skin.