Sensitive Skin Treatment

Do you seek a skin that can withstand the worst of external factors that are responsible for irritation, rashes or redness? Or probably you are even asking if such feat is attainable. Yes! This is possible. Get your skin sensitivity balance restored with the OxyBeauty Sensitivity Balance Treatment. As a top-flight Yorkville Skin Care Clinic, we present you this unique treatment to restore your skin’s sensitive balance, among other benefits. The truth is most of our skin cells are destroyed very easily because of the current environment we live in and other uninteresting skincare drugstores recommended to us. In turn, our skin layers begin to display certain kind of reactions that may include getting itchy, burns or hurts. Now, this is the perfect treatment for you if you have noticed any of the aforementioned symptoms. A cross-reference to this is the Brightening Corrector Treatment, which is as well answerable to sensitive skins that have uneven skin tone or irritation by calming the skin and reducing the pigmentation to a large extent. As such, you are guaranteed a younger look and fresh skin.


To restore the balance, several steps are incorporated in the procedure which kicks off by exfoliating and prepping the skin when OxyClear lotion is applied. This, like in other treatments in which it is applicable, exposes the skin to the right temperatures for absolute absorption of Biolights and other ingredients needed by the skin. During exfoliation, the nutrients are soaked into the skin and it is carefully done so that no infection whatsoever comes with it. After that, the main OxyJet treatment is performed by pressing oxygen lightly onto the skin and this oxygen, combined with the balance serum aids combating irritation and redness while the skin is made less prone to these symptoms. OxyDiamond here peels off every dead layer off the skin, destroys them and remove other extra pigmentation. In this process, collagen production is stimulated to renew the skin layer and make is fresh and hydrated from the inside. Finally, Green Biolight is applied with some significant effect on the skin in reducing pigmentation. Oxygen combined with other nutrients add some wealth of value to this procedure.


  • The skin is exposed to absorb as much ingredients and biolights as needed by the skin.
  • Oxygen combined with balance serum is active and viable in fighting irritation and redness or other forms of pigmentation
  • Collagen production is stimulated which births renewal of the skin layers and keeps the skin fresh and totally hydrated.

Sensitivity Balance with Brightening Corrector Treatment is considered an amazing skin-healing process for even look and no sooner have you bought the idea and tapped into the limitless opportunities than you began to experience its magical works and results. Apart from enhancing the health of your skin a great deal from within, the growth of fresh, new skin cells, which combines as the definition of a healthy look and feel, are stimulated.

This treatment is a great way to restore your skin’s sensitive balance and make it more tolerant towards external factor that could cause redness, irritation or rashes in different areas of  your skin. With today’s environment and the harsh skincare recommended at the drugstores, our skin cells get destroyed and damaged very easily, cause different kinds of reactions on the outside layer. It bothers the skin; as a result, we get itchy, the skin hurts, burns, etc. If you’ve ever experience any of those symptoms, – this treatment is perfect for you.

The balance is restored by performing several steps included in the procedure. We start off by exfoliating and prepping the skin by applying OxyClear lotion and exposing the skin to the appropriate temperatures, that makes the pores open for the absorption of any Biolights or active ingredients further used on the skin. Exfoliation helps soak in the light and the nutrients and helps the skin open up. We do make sure that the skin is absolutely clean and no bacteria gets onto it. All the treatments are performed by our licensed professionals.

The next step is always the OxyJet treatment itself, which is performed by lightly pressing oxygen onto the skin. The oxygen is combined with the sensitive balance serum which helps fight irritation and redness and makes the skin less prone to those symptoms. This step also includes adding all the necessary active ingredients for the skin sensitivity reduction. It helps