Wrinkle Reduction

You look into the mirror and see some facial lines or crease that you believe are as a result of aging and you wish they were all gone or at least reduced to a very large extent? Worry no more! Our Wrinkles Reduction treatment at OxyBeauty (one of the most responsible and active Yorkville Skin Care Clinic) highlights certain significant ways of minimizing skin wrinkles. Our Energy Reload Skin treatment is designed to freshen and energize your skin and in turn, recharge your body with balance while your skin is even kept moisturized.

Also, the Express Filler Cocktail Skin Treatment is another exclusive treatment for wrinkles. Its special design covers all skin problems as in acne, wrinkles, skin sensitivity, irritation and redness. Basically, the treatment stimulates and boosts the production of collagen while it remains even the most viable option for the renewal of skin layers for a fresher look and feel – reducing the wrinkles as much as possible. The collagen stimulated is a protein that boosts skin strength and elasticity. As we age, elastin production begins to slow down and this is what brings about wrinkles. Similarly, reduction in the production of collagen results in sagging skin and wrinkles. For a firmer, smoother skin, this treatment is considered the best.


Wrinkles reduction with the Express Filler Cocktail Skin treatment begins with the preparing stage where the Absolute Effect Booster Serum (another interesting product) is applied on the skin after which you wear the collagen mask. The function of the serum is to exfoliate the skin and get it ready for the main procedure. This phase is an important one because it enhances the efficiency of the process and the absorption of the nutrients. After that, Oxygen is pressed even further into the skin while the mask remains on the skin, producing a mixture of collagen and oxygen. The collagen injection process boosts the production of collagen as new ones are created. The mask contains collagen threads and through this, the skin is able to absorb enough, turning them into balls before they are finally absorbed into the basal membrane. The skin’s synthesis is destroyed during aging; collagen production is reduced and dead skin cells live on the top layer of the skin, clogging the pores to bring about some form of wrinkles.


  • With the serum, the outer layers of the skin are removed and the skin prepared for the treatment
  • For the most effective result, pressing Oxygen into the skin produces a mixture of oxygen and collagen
  • From the mask, more collagen is absorbed into the membranes
  • Extra skin and dead cells are destroyed and new, freshly born ones come through.
  • With the help of the oxygen, collagen absorption is improved and reproduction fastened and right away, you can see the effect on your skin.

Wrinkles reduction with the Express Filler Cocktail Skin treatment leaves you with a fresh, hydrated and wrinkle-free skin. Specially made for aging and other problematic skins, the treatment is considered an important one for your health. Therefore, we recommend booking an appointment with our specialists to get the most of these treatments and in fact, a deep skin analysis.