JetPeel Technology

JetPeel technology (Tay-Tech Ltd., Yehud, Israel) is a new approach to non-invasive surgery for resurfacing of the skin and transdermal delivery of the active ingredients that completely solves the common and problematic issues in dermatological and aesthetic treatment.

Based on the adapted aviation industry technologies, the JetPeel device generates a jet composed of gas (oxygen) and microdroplets of fluid (saline) accelerated to supersonic velocities of over 200 m/s., are applied to the skin surface with the patented JetPeel handpiece.

The handpiece generates continuous fine liquid jet streams that exfoliate the epidermal layer and gently stretch the skin surface. With the JetPeel technology we can go up to 4,5 mm into the skin with no needles, and without any pain, discomfort or skin breakage. The jet streams open up microchannels that provide a direct path to the deeper skin layers. That makes the aqua radiance treatment so effective.

This JetPeel technology is very beneficial for people with skin damage, acne and other skin problem like fine lines on the skin, wrinkles, tanning, tired puffy eyes, pigmentation and other all major issues that should be tackled to prevent early aging.

JetPeel Technology Include:


A pleasant and relaxing transdermal hydromassage increasing the lymphatic drainage which results in skin detoxification and stimulating of micro-circulation


Due to the ultrasonic speed of the liquid stream, dead skin cells are removed and prepares the skin to receive nourishment in the next Infusion stage


This step provides effective with no middles and no pain deep delivery of active ingredients into the skin


This step can be included to boost the treatment result

The JetPeel Advantage:

  • Clinically proven to treat a wide range of cosmetic and dermatological issues
  • No needles, no pain, 100% non-invasive
  • Fast transdermal delivery for instant results
  • No scar tissue and no healing required
  • Absolutely no patient downtime
  • Comfortable, relaxing treatment experience for the patient

JetPeel Treatments:

Skin renewal

Fine misty jet streams generated by the JetPeel device and enriched with Jet Solutions Skin Rejuvenation complexes are the ideal choice for comfortable, relaxing transdermal treatment and incredible results that patients can immediately feel and enjoy.
The Skin Rejuvenation collection includes deep-acting serums with various levels of chemical exfoliation to suit a range of skin types and needs


JetPeel Solutions for anti-aging treatments includes line of serum, targeting fine lines & wrinkles, toning & preservation of younger looking skin, and an exclusive serum that provides a safe and effective alternative to Botulinum Toxin A injections.
This Bio-Rejuvenation line takes anti-aging treatment to a new level of powerful, comfortable and visibly effective treatments for mature and aging skin. The next-generation of collagen-boosting formula based on exclusive ingredients, such as bio-peptides, vegetal stem cells, argireline, and vitamin complexes makes your skin so much youthful, purified, protected and hydrated.


With Whitening Complex 1, specially formulated to treat various signs of pigmentations, we cane defiantly achieve instantly brighter, whiter and more beautiful skin. Powerful whitening ingredients act together to inhibit color pigments in the skin, helping to create a more uniform complexion that looks smooth and even toned.

Skin Booster

The Time4Jet line of Boosters is formulated to enhance the JetPeel treatments results with rich, targeted compositions for post-treatment application to boost the vibrant, beautiful effects.
The Boosters collection are formulated for targeting a range of skincare actions, including rejuvenating, hydration & moisturizing, toning, collagen stimulation, oxidized skin and acne-prone, and oily skin.
Make your beautiful choice from four Booster formulas – Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin B5, and Vitamin A + E, to achieve even more with JetPeel.


Specially formulated serum for the treatment of couperose and sensitive skin delivers anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits for a smooth and healthy look. Purifying and protective, the Couperose & Sensitive Skin JetPeel treatment helps remove toxins and dead cells, and prevent damage from UV exposure, for a brighter vibrant glow.


Smooth, Clear Skin, As It Should Be

JetPeel acne treatment restore skin balance to its natural, smooth and unblemished appearance. Discover pain-free, relaxing treatment experience that naturally soothes and repairs acne. It’s the ultimate combination of comfort and care, for beautifully clear results.
Specially formulated Acne JetPeel Complex for rebalancing the skin physiology reduce the appearance of acne, redness and swelling in acne-prone skin. Enriched in sebo-regulatory active ingredients and soothing natural plant extracts and acids, the formula is ideal for both sensitive and more resistant skin types. It can be integrated with a range of preparatory exfoliation treatments, such as Jet Detox Water, or with glycolic acid-enriched serums for stronger exfoliation in resistant skins. Smooth and beautiful, clear, acne-reduced skin – that the results of treatment with advanced JetPeel Acne Complex.

Hair Care

When standard hair and scalp treatments are not creating the results you want, restore your crown of glory with the pain-free, relaxing treatment of jet stream hydroporation – gentle and powerful to treat the sensitive skin of the scalp. Stubborn scalp problems are naturally targeted with the advanced Scalp & Hair Care Complex.
The JetPeel transdermal delivery system provide a deep micro-massage to the scalp, boosting blood circulation to nourish the follicles and, at the same time, delivered the Scalp & Hair Complex to the deep layers of the scalp skin to targets a range of common scalp and hair problems, thin hair, and dull, dry hair, with proven results for a lustrous, healthy hair glow.


Enjoy a natural, pain-free and effective treatment by JetPeel, designed to reduce sweating and boost confidence. A balanced synergy of active ingredients that target the sources of sweating, the JetPeel treatment method combined with the exclusive Sweatless formula is a powerfully targeted approach to excessive sweating. The results are a fresh, pure sensation, fast results, and goodbye to embarrassing sweat patches.

A common complaint and source of stress to sufferers, excessive sweating is typically difficult to treat. Sweatless Complex offers a clinically proven option to reduce sweating by 15% in a non-invasive relaxing treatment that is comfortable and pleasant for patients. The state-of-the-art Sweatless formula is based on a synergy of active peptides that work to reduce neurotransmission activity that contributes to sweat activation. Vegetal extracts cultivate a skin environment that dampens sweat production and provides advanced relief for an embarrassing cosmetic problem. Smooth dry skin in sweat prone areas, such as the forehead, armpits and palms, is the exceptional result of this innovative treatment.