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Permanent Hair Removal? We got you!

We’re glad you’re interested in laser hair removal. Living in such a fast-pace environment where we’ve got so many responsibilities and so little time, shaving and waxing have become a burden to us. It takes up constant time, money and gives us an obligation to be tied down to shaving every 2-3 days. It causes irritation and redness on the skin and makes us buy expensive and often harmful skincare products.

At OxyBeauty, we offer Palomar Pulsed Light Laser Hair Removal Treatment. This type of hair removal is permanent and works great for fast and beautiful results. It is suitable for any skin type, any hair length as well as any area of your face or body (except around the eyes).

Palomar Hair Removal is an amazing alternative to other hair removal/hair reduction methods, such as shaving/depilatories, waxing or electrolysis. Shaving and waxing only give short-term results and cause extreme irritation with a chance of side effects, cuts, burns and infection. Electrolysis is a rather painful procedure that requires a lot of your time, money and that is not suitable for larger areas of your body.

Palomar Treatments are different. You get:

  • Permanent laser hair removal
  • Fast treatments
  • No messiness or irritation
  • Reasonable Price
  • Removing hair before it becomes visible
  • Faster and more comfortable larger area assessment
  • Non-harmful and almost non-painful treatments

How do Palomar Hair Removal Treatments work?

There are many types of scars. A scar can be mature, in this case it is flat, light-colored and is unlikely to change color or fade. An immature scar is red, slightly elevated, somewhat painful or itchy. This scar has not matured yet and may fade and become less visible.

The procedure is based on filtered light which is directed onto the skin and absorbed by hair follicles. The hair follicles then are disabled and the hair growth is permanently stopped. Pulsed light has a large smooth beam, which is perfect for large areas, fast results and non-painful treatments. The treatment has the most effect in the anagen hair growth phase, which is the active phase that lasts for several months. The system performs the best when the skin is in the anagen phase as it disables hair as it grows.

Palomar technologies have been established as the most effective and versatile hair removal system. They use wavelengths with large spot sizes to execute the procedure, which also gives your skin a healthy look right after the treatment.

In addition to everything mentioned above, Palomar treatment is 100% safe and FDA-cleared. Our specialists are fully educated and trained to use the equipment and address your specific hair removal needs.


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